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2022 | Film 12 MIN. | English


(Those Yet to Come)

Geo Neptune and Brianna Smith (Passamaquoddy)

On the Eastern reaches of the occupied territory now referred to as North America, the children of Koluskap call upon ancestral teachings to guide them. Revitalizing cultural practices kept from their elders, Peskotomuhkati young people lead an intergenerational process of healing through the reclamation of athasikuwi-pisun, "tattoo medicine."

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Artists' Statement

“Our film is about where we fit in within our communities and regaining everything that was taken from us, including our language, our culture, our ceremonies, and our identities as Passamaquoddy people. We’ve had to do a lot of retracing of our ancestors’ steps. It’s okay to be Passamaquoddy, and it’s okay to not know what it means to be Passamaquoddy, but we can do the work to figure it out together. I’m making this film with my good friend Geo, because it’s usually other people telling our stories for us or telling us what to share and what not to share. This time, we are telling our story in our own way. It’s especially important for us to do this for the young in our community." - Brianna Smith

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Behind the scenes

A women with red hair and small chin tattoo stares intently at camera

Brianna Smith portrait featuring new facial markings

A close up photo of a persons hands with small flower and fruit tattoos

Markings on Geo Neptune’s figures

A person in a red hat stand outside in the snow with a duck on their shoulder

Geo Neptune and Myrtle the duck

A person in a pink long vest stands at the edge of bridge holding a camera

Geo Neptune filming on a bridge

A person in a pink vest kneels to take a photo in front of a white building with a cross

Geo Neptune filming a church

A group of four people look out into the distance while standing in front of a forest of trees

(L to R) Brianna Smith, Brittany Sockabasin, Geo Neptune, and Christopher Lewey with new facial markings

hand drawn waves texture

News & Press

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November 25, 2022

South Seattle Emerald

Reciprocity Project Highlights Indigenous Storytelling and Values

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Critical acclaim for this film

Official Big Sky 2022 film festival laurel
Offical Skabmagovat 2022 film festival laurel
Official Tag! Queer Shorts Festival 2022 Laurel
Official Durango Independent  2022 Film Festival Laurel
Official Cartagena International Film Festival 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Outfest Fusion QTBIPOC Film Festival 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Seattle International Film Festival 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Riverside International Film Festival 2022 Laurel
NorthwestFest International Documentary Film Festival 2022 Official Selection
Official Selection Independent Film Festival Boston 2022 Laurel
Māoriland Film Festival Official Selection 2022
Official Selection The Roxbury International Film Festival 2022
Official Selection Frameline 46 San Francisco International LGBTQ+ Film Festival
Official Selection 2022 Regina International Film Festival & Awards
Official Selection Asinabka Film & Media Festival 2022
Official Selection Vancouver Queer Film Festival
Official Selection Local Sightings Film Festival 2022
Camden International Film Festival Official Selection 2022
Official Selection Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival 2022
2022 image NATIVE Official Selection
SELECCIÓN OFICIAL IndiFest Festival de Cinema Indígena de Barcelona 2022
Official Selection Cucalorus Film Festival 2022
2023 Official Selection Capital City Film Festival

"A beautiful film about a community's reconnection to their culture."

-Jonathan Van Ness