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2022 | Trailer 1 MIN.

Ma’s House

Jeremy Dennis (Shinnecock)

Ma’s House was once the heart of a community. As Ma’s grandson, artist and photographer Jeremy Dennis is on a quest to restore the family home to its central role as a community gathering place for a new generation of diverse artists. Through personal mementos, intimate narratives, and a touch of celebrity gossip, Dennis and his family reveal generations of history and hope contained within the walls of their home.

Critical acclaim for this film

Official Durango Independent  2022 Film Festival Laurel
Official Big Sky 2022 film festival laurel
Official Halifax Black 2022 Film Festival laurel
Offical Skabmagovat 2022 film festival laurel
Official Cartagena International Film Festival 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Independent Film Festival Boston 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Seattle International Film Festival 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Mountainfilm 2022 Laurel
Official Selection Rochester International Film Festival 2022
Māoriland Film Festival Official Selection 2022

"What Jeremy Dennis is doing, as revealed in this splendid documentary on the restoration of Ma’s House, is visionary and expressive of his virtue, resourcefulness and courage. He is finding a way of using creative engagement to keep the line of his historic inheritance preserved, revitalized and forward looking. His project and its mission breathe hope into his Shinnecock community and serves as an example for other communities, This documentary, Ma’s House, captures the spirit of those who deeply believe that the arts must be at the center of any community or culture if healthy bonds are to be woven and the meanings of our lives are carried forward."

- Eric Fischl


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Behind the scenes

Profile outline of a man standing in a forest with sun shinning down

Jeremy Dennis walking on the path behind Ma’s house that goes to the marsh coastline

A man stands on a small step stool in an empty room, painting the ceiling with a paint roller

Jeremy Dennis restoring Ma’s House

Two men and two women stand on the stoop of a red house smiling surrounded by ladders and scaffolding

The Dennis family in front of Ma’s house

A women in bright cloths stands smiling in front of rows of tall plants

Loretta 'Ma' Silva

Two women smile holding a child stand outside in front of a snow man and a red house

Jeremy Dennis (left) with his mother (center) and grandmother in front of a snowman in family at Ma’s house

A read house under construction with ladders leaning against the front stands surrounded by trees

Ma’s House in the Shinnecock Indian Nation