Official Selection Vancouver Queer Film Festival

August 12, 2022 - August 21, 2022

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ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught) & Weckuwapasihtit (Those Yet to Come)
Screening in shorts program: Two Spirit and Indigiqueer Cinema: A Brave and Tender Lineage

A collection of Two Spirit and Indigenous films sharing meaningful stories through expressions of reciprocity, gathering, and connection. Intergenerational and unceasing, A Brave and Tender Lineage explores the intersection of tradition, language, land, and a commitment to maintaining balance guided by ancestral teachings. These films explore intercommunal processes of healing, weaving revolutionary acts of reclamation through family histories, space-making gestures, and the uplifting of cultural practices in spite of pervading colonial attempts at erasure.

Total Runtime: 47 min

August 20, 7 PM
The York Theater
Vancouver, BC


August 11-21
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