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Reciprocity Project Season One

Seven Indigenous-led stories, made in Indigenous communities


Reciprocity Project Season One

In Season One of this multimedia project, storytellers and community partners created films in response to a question: What does ‘reciprocity’ mean to you and your community?

Facing a climate crisis, the Reciprocity Project embraces Indigenous value systems that have bolstered communities since time immemorial.

Reciprocity Project invites global Indigenous filmmakers to center Indigenous perspectives about the reciprocal relationship between all beings — seen and unseen — and the lands we inhabit.

Producers | Taylor Hensel, Kavita Pillay, Adam Mazo, Tracy Rector

Executive Producer | Tracy Rector

Executive Producers for REI Co-op Studios | Hanna Boyd, Joe Crosby, Paolo Mottola

Co-Executive Producers | Hindou Ibrahim, Yo-Yo Ma, Cristina Mittermeier

Producing Partners | Produced by Nia Tero and Upstander Project in association with REI Co-op Studios

Production Status | Released October 10th, 2022. Available at and @REI on YouTube for personal viewing. Contact us for screening or educational licensing.

Technical Specifications

Total Run Time | 68 minutes (seven short films, 6-14 minutes)
Aspect Ratio
| 16:9
| Color
| Digital
| Stereo
| Gwich'in, Cherokee, Wayuu, Passamaquoddy, Kanaka Maoli, English
Closed Captions
| English, Spanish Portuguese, French
Locations | Lower Tanana Dene Lands; Qualla Boundary, North Carolina; Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma; Wayuu Community of Majali, Wounmainkat, Abya Yala; Sipayik, Indian Township, Pleasant Point Maine; Schoodic Point, Maine; Shinnecock Indian Nation; Occupied Hawaiian Kingdom


Diiyeghan naii Taii Tr’eedaa (We Will Walk the Trail of our Ancestors) | Go to full press kit
Princess Daazhraii Johnson with Alisha Carlson (Gwich'in); Lower Tanana Dene Lands

ᎤᏕᏲᏅ (What They’ve Been Taught) | Go to full press kit
Brit Hensel with Keli Gonzales (Cherokee Nation); Qualla Boundary, North Carolina; Cherokee Nation, Oklahoma

SŪKŪJULA TEI (Stories of My Mother) | Go to full press kit
David Hernandez Palmar with Flor Palmar (Wayuu Iipuana); Wayuu Community of Majali, Wounmainkat, Abya Yala

Weckuwapasihtit (Those Yet to Come) | Go to full press kit
Geo Neptune and Brianna Smith (Passamaquoddy); Sipayik, Indian Township, Pleasant Point Maine

Weckuwapok (The Approaching Dawn) | Go to full press kit
Co-directors (alphabetically): Jacob Bearchum, Taylor Hensel, Adam Mazo, Chris Newell, Roger Paul, Kavita Pillay, Tracy Rector, and Lauren Stevens; Schoodic Point, Maine

Ma’s House | Go to full press kit
Jeremy Dennis (Shinnecock); Shinnecock Indian Nation

Pili Ka Moʻo | Go to full press kit
Justyn Ah Chong with Malia Akutagawa (Kanaka Maoli); Occupied Hawaiian Kingdom


Nia Tero is a US-based non-profit working in solidarity with Indigenous peoples and movements worldwide with a mission of securing Indigenous guardianship of vital ecosystems. Nia Tero is committed to an antiracist and inclusive culture centering Indigenous rights, wisdom, practices, worldviews, and protocols.

Upstander Project is a Boston-based non-profit that uses storytelling to amplify silenced narratives, develop upstander skills to challenge systemic injustice, and nurture compassionate, courageous relationships that honor the interconnection of all beings and the Earth. Upstander Project envisions a world rooted in responsibility and respect for all where upstanders confront injustice and repair harm to ensure all beings thrive together.

REI Co-op Studios develops and produces stories that entertain, enrich and explore the power of time spent outside, while complementing the co-op’s broader climate and racial equity, diversity, and inclusion commitments.

series Credits



Taylor Hensel
Adam Mazo
Kavita Pillay
Tracy Rector

Series Co-Directors

Taylor Hensel
Adam Mazo

Executive Producer

Tracy Rector

Executive Producers for REI Co-op Studios

Hanna Boyd
Joe Crosby
Paolo Mottola

Co-Executive Producers

Hindou Ibrahim
Yo-Yo Ma
Cristina Mittermeier

Learning Co-directors

Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Mishy Lesser

Field Production Coordinator

Kavita Pillay

Production Manager

Sauli Pillay

Lead Assistant Editor
Jacob Bearchum

Technologist / Systems Management Consultant

Ben Pender-Cudlip

Administration / Program Support Specialist

Chelsea Strelser

Color Correction

Heather Cassano

Post Sound Services

Bad Animals

Sound Engineer

Dave Howe
David Gallander

Poster Design

Yen Tan

Promotional Design & Graphics

Cindy Chischilly
Joel Schomberg

Spanish Language Translation

Neyda Quiñones-Ortiz
Maria Angelica Ramirez

Print Traffic Manager

Jonah Kozlowski


Melissa Billows
Jonathan Saceda
Susi Walsh


Jeffrey Cadwell
Justine Jacob
Sarah Robertson


TurnStyle Studio

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Marketing assets and learning materials for each film are available in each film press kit.

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